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Redditors of r/the_donald were upset that their hero’s AMA wasn’t very visible on r/all and that postings of Illma Gore’s drawing Make America Great Again were more visible. This seems similar to me to the outcry by followers of Milo Yiannopoulos at his banning from Twitter.

It’s all about rules and their implementation. The alt-right want to portray their darling’s ban from Twitter as a free speech issue. It’s not. It’s about the terms of use of a private company’s product. I don’t know if Mr Yiannopoulos explicitly broke any rules. He was responsible, in my opinion, for farming a wave of hatred towards Leslie Jones.

Twitter has been justly criticised for failing to deal with the waves of ignorant, horrible and sometimes scary nonsense that many women have to deal with on their platform. Perhaps having a racist misogynistic shitshow blow up was more than they could face justifying?

The objection is that Mr Yiannopoulos didn’t break any explicit rules. It’s a bit like a bully grabbing your arms and using them to hit you claiming they aren’t actually striking you, you are hitting yourself. It’s all a bit lower-sixth really.

The Reddit fandango is similar except this time it’s about how the algorithms that promote content on the site work. If you are pro Mr Tiny Hands then either they are broken or someone put their fingers on the scale. Regarding the drawing of the presidential nominee naked, the response has been to create and post similar pictures of Hillary Clinton. The hope being that they will be banned and then an inconsistency can be revealed.

It’s all about rules. Rules must be consistently applied, is the howl. Why is my stupidity worse than their stupidity? It’s all very tiring and that this is part of a debate about who runs the preeminent superpower in the world today is very sad indeed. 

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