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The VIII Commandments of the Well-Labeled Inn

I. Thy lamps shall have large, obvious switches that are not obscured by the shade nor hidden on their bases, nor their power-cords.

II. Thy wall-switches shalt be labeled with the parts of the room they correspond to.

III. Never shall thine electrical outlets be controlled by light switches, lest they cause a device to go uncharged overnight.

IV. Thine faucets shall be as plain as fuck.

V. Yea, and thou shalt label them, with large, sans-serif writing, HOT and COLD, in red and blue, for an icy shower at 4AM doth enrage a traveler and lo, first degree burns art a liability for thee and thine underwriters.

VI. Thy shampoo, conditioner and moisturizer shalt be labeled in the largest type that will fit on the bottles, for travelers may not be able to find thine goddamned lightswitches, and yea, may not wear their glasses to take a shower and thus be incapable of reading the tiny curlycue type used to label the bottles.

VII. Thine housekeepers shall never leave the TV on, even if thy in-room entertainment system has a muzak channel it can be turned to.

VIII. Thy TVs shall have large, obvious, front panel off buttons.

(via The quest for the well-labeled inn / Boing Boing)

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