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the other thing that upsets me about kesha’s case is that this is once again the music industry showing a blatant disregard for the health of female artists, physical/emotional/mental/otherwise. if it’s not kesha being assaulted by her manager and having her career in perpetual purgatory, it’s rihanna’s abuser having a thriving career when back in 2009 it was rihanna’s career that was on the line when news broke out about her assault. if it wasn’t rihanna, then it was mariah carey’s and britney spears’s mental health being completely neglected and made a spectacle of when pressures from the industry are most likely to blame for their poor well-being. and if it wasn’t mariah carey or britney spears, then it was most definitely the lack of compassion towards whitney houston and amy winehouse which ultimately led to their untimely deaths. kesha’s case is significant because, once again, it echoes a much larger and much scarier reality that women in the music industry, or women in any job sector, face year after year. like honestly how many more women need to be put in harm’s way before something is actually done??

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