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September 03 2015


Species of leech feeds on hippo rectums.

Puts Jane Mansfield and lobsters in perspective.

September 02 2015

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Despite the joys of expense and inconvenience, vinyl just isn’t that hip anymore. Tesco are going to start stocking it again. Starting with Iron Maiden’s new album. This is like a kind of nostalgia-ception. Old world retail outlet stocks old fashioned audio format of ancient music hall act.

Spam represents profound things about the limits of productivity, communication and wisdom. As electronic junk mail, it’s the electronic static that limits collective thought.
— Nathaniel Borenstein is the creator of the MIME email protocol. He knows a lot about how mail works. These are some of his toughts on spam. They’re worth reading.

September 01 2015

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Ambigram tattoo on Bekah Miles. Miles suffers with depression and has tried to illustrate how it feels to suffer with the illness by having an optical illusion tattoo.Bekah Miles, who lives in Oregon, US, had the inking in the form of an ambigram — which from the front appears to say ‘I’m fine’ but when viewed from above reads ‘Save me’.

“Mental illness is not a choice and will likely hit everyone at some point in their life. If it’s such a huge issue, why aren’t we having this conversation about it?“ - Bekah Miles

August 31 2015

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Losing touch with the most popular person ever.

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Innovation has the greatest impact when it benefits those with the greatest need. This article lists 10 inventions that tackle the needs of some of the poorest people on Earth. Clever, simple and useful.

August 27 2015

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What if Spiderman and Deadpool met on a rooftop in LA and danced? What would that be like I wonder?


Every Noise at Once

Every Noise at Once is an interactive word map of musical genres. From liturgical to progressive psytrance just click on the genre for an audio example and wonder no more what orgcore sounds like.

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Yoko Kusano gives a glimpse into the culture of Tokyo teens. She does a great job of capturing intimate images without being intrusive.

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Technology is the key to the shape of our future. We need as many smart people as possible working in this field. To this end it is important that women are not excluded (half the finest brains) and that tech is seen as a possible career for women. Grace Hopper, Jean Bartik and Jean Sammet are important yet undervalued people in our journey this far.

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Why should birds be subjected to the hegemony of old-fashioned architecture?

August 26 2015


Madrid subway complaints by station

I am not that interested in Madrid myself, but the possibilities for extrapoplation from this wonderful map of metro complaints is ripe. I would love to see a London or NYC version so I could try to see patterns with cities I am more familiar with.


The Weird History of Hand Dryers Will Blow You Away | Atlas Obscura

There is a long history to the bathroom hand-dryer. From 1921 to the Airblade (messiest urinal ever).


Shifting Cities

A simple interactive map tracking the 10 most populous US cities and the mean center of population from 1790 to 2010. This is a great example of how the flux tells us more than the moment.


Haunting photographs of abandoned hospitals - Telegraph

Photographs of abandoned Italian mental hospitals. These were closed in the late 70s leaving a snapshot of mental care at the time.


Mob moll, 1952 - Photos - Mob molls of New York City

This gallery of images of women associated with the mob gives a look in to a strange dangerous world. There is glamour and love, but also a kind of grim loyalty and death.

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Two newspaper photographers take a selfie in 1962

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The NYC subway map you really need.

August 25 2015

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Architect Jason Klimoski and sound artist Shane Myrbeck collaborate with NASA to depict the complexity of satelites in Earth orbit.

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